5 years old Daughter (czech Republic)

I greet you all from the Czech Republic. I’m glad I found your site about important information.

my daughter (5 years old) was diagnosed with IBD / PSC with the possibility of AIH overlap last month.

It was a shock to me and I completely collapsed.

it all started at the beginning of the summer when she was hospitalized with the EBV virus. GMT and ALP still did not decrease and so a colonoscopy was performed, where very small signs of inflammation were confirmed. Liver biopsy confirmed PSC, but no liver involvement.

The daughter is taking Prednisone, azatrophin and udca. now, after a month, her blood is perfectly fine. everything is normal, so i hope it’s a good sign for the future. I will be very happy if you write me about your children. :pray:

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I read about everything that can be found on the Internet about PSC. Children PSC seems to be running slower, right? I’m glad to hear from you about Vanco. I bought VSL 3 and Silymarin. I will try to follow healthy foods, it seems very important.
There are many promising studies and new directions for treatment.
It’s probably a problem to get Vanco in Europe, but I asked our doctor and I think if I asked very much, we would get a prescription for vanco. But Europe’s attitude to antibiotics is very bad. Long-term use seems unimaginable for many doctors.
Are there any parents of children from Europe? What is your experience with treatment?

Hi My daughter who is 3 had a stomach infection and a course of antibiotics and subsequent attacks of stomach pains and food intolerances. The doctors where I live simply refused to test her for IBD and liver function citing it is uncommon according to THEM! I am glad you were able to obtain a proper diagnosis. I know silyamarin helps many but my daughter’s symptoms are entirely gone by God’s grace due to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I have no bloodwork except CBC done So I can only inform about symptomatic success with this diet.