A MELD staging question

Just a brief question:

For those who are on the UNOS waiting list -

Did you have pain symptoms when you were put on the transplant list?

What was your MELD score when you were put on the list and did you have any pain at that time?

I appreciate your input.

While I am not yet on the list, my doc is meeting with the transplant committee on April 22, and will recommend a MELD score of 18, which would then put me on the list. Two weeks ago, I had an attack of cholangitis, in the hospital for 5 days and had an ERCP with a balloon dilation. My meld score previously (November) was a 12.

As far as pain, I think I have been lucky, for I have not had any serious issues with a lot of pain. I sometimes get a mild twinge.


Thank you JeffDC, did the cholangitis attack hurt?

Brad, the symptoms I had were a dull pain about halfway between my sternum and belly button, maybe a 2 or three on a scale of 1 to 10, (10 the highest). It was constant for several hours, then started to dissipate in the early evening. I also had a fever that topped out at 101.6. At that point, we went to the ER. Once at the hospital, I had no pain.

bradniko said:

Thank you JeffDC, did the cholangitis attack hurt?