A New Way to Track Your Personal Medical Records - Backpack

We would like to introduce our PSC group to a new opportunity you have as members of Ben’s Friend’s Rare Disease forums. It is called Backpack.

The partnership that Ben’s Friends has struck with Backpack is one of great value to our members. Backpack is a sophisticated but user-friendly app which works on virtually any computer, tablet or smartphone. It can be used to store and organize all of the medical notes and information that you, your child, or someone you care for, might need or want to have at hand, “just in case”. It’s like having a … well … backpack with your medical information in it, that you can take with you in the event that you might need it. To appointments. To review at home. To share with a new provider. Or even to share in an emergency situation.

Imagine arriving at a medical appointment and when they ask you to fill out “that” form, giving them your unique, secure URL and access code so that they can just print or copy it into your file. Or having lab results transferred automatically to your Backpack (this feature doesn’t usually work outside the US). Or being in the ER with your loved one and saying “here’s my access information” so that they can just look at what you’ve decided to share with them. I was able to enter my login information for Duke MyChart which runs on the Epic medical record system and it pulled my entire medical record in.

We know, sharing digital health information gives us pause as well, but with Backpack you remain in control of your health information at all times. You decide who can see what, and when. Meanwhile, you always have what you need at hand.

At Ben’s Friends, we’ve always believed that your best health care advocate is you, and Backpack is a powerful tool that will help you be just that. And you keep and control all of your health care information in one place. Go to Backpackhealth.com and get comfortable with the information there. It’s all presented in a very accessible, user-friendly way.

Backpack Health – Let’s make health information powerful

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We will have a group specifically for our PSC members very soon with information, resources, and share cards specifically for you guys. This is a great opportunity really take advantage. I already have used my backpack saving hours in a major cardiac workup.


Backpack is live for PSC!!!