Advice for pain

Hello I am going true a hard patch it’s been over a year since i almost lost my life due to PSC. And I am woundring what do you do with your pain, I’ve been in constant pain for so long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Thanks for your post. Can you please describe in detail what kind of pain you are having and where the pain is located? What other symptoms are you presently having?

Hello fcmmark Sharp pains in my upper right side of my stomach

What is your latest bilirubin level? Also, go to this link and fill in the data and let me know what your current MELD is please. MELD calculator - OPTN


Neta, let your doc (s) know what you are going through and ask for some help. Is your doc a hepatologist? Better a specialist than a GI generalist. Constant pain should get their attention, but about the only thing that got my doc’s attention was my bilirubin level. When that too high, he wanted to do an ERCP on me.

The pains I had were sharp, but tended to not last more that a few seconds, although there were some notable exceptions!


Pancreatitis is a pretty common pain with this disease. It seems that once you have gotten it, it will reoccur more often with fatty foods and a poor diet. At least that’s what I am experiencing.
Let us know when you get your blood levels tested.