AIH/PSC overlap in teenage boy

I am new here, hoping to learn and give/receive support. My son was diagnosed when he was 12 with both diseases through a liver biopsy. He was in stage 3-4 with AIH. He was found in the beginning stage of PSC.I took him to the doctor because he was not gaining weight and looked a bit yellow. What a shock. He is now 15. He was started with high dose of prednisone and Mercaptopurine was added and the prednisone weaned. He remains at twice normal liver enzyme levels after more then 2 years. His specialist is doing a liver biopsy in August ( 3 year mark ) He has no symptoms and never really has had any symptoms. ( its the drug that causes him symptoms) We were told remission for the AIH was complicated because of the PSC but that the PSC could go very slow as in a lifetime. Is it possible for the PSC to be causing liver damage without symptoms other then lower creatine levels and higher alkaline phos. levels?

I am very new to my diagnosed a few months ago. Hope to learn from the responses you get.

I can tell you that prednisone can cause mood swings. So you could have a very grumpy and moody 12 old. I know that not that much different than any other 12 year old.

Currently I have very few symptoms other than great fatigue and some pain right above my stomach.

I hope he stays stable for a very very long time.

Carla L

Thank you Carla. He is 15 now and off the prednisone for more then a year. He was not moody but the other side effects were terrible. Chubby cheeks, acne, thrush. Horrible stuff but it lowered his numbers fast. He is fatigued at times but he is also a teen who is growing.
I am sorry you have this and I will pray for you.