Alcohol use?

Hi all-

I was diagnosed with PSC when I was 11, and have always been a rule follower anyway, so I didn’t mind not drinking and actually was happy to have a reason to tell people why I wasn’t drinking. Since moving to D.C. as a young professional, though, I have seen how so much of the social scene is based around happy hours. I do a lot of fun things like hiking and exploring the city in other ways, but I have been wondering if having alcohol at happy hours with my coworkers every once and while would be okay. What do you think?

Hello KTF,
Alcohol of any quantity with liver disease is a disaster waiting to happen. You do not need anything that will contribute to your liver disease progressing any faster than it is. This is not something that is advised. PSC can progress very fast and that’s all you need is something like this to trigger that progression.


Congrats on your move to DC.

We were pretty young when we got the diagnosis for my husband (26). It hurts thinking about all of those drinks we had before we had a diagnosis. :frowning: and we were VERY occasional drinkers…
no extra damage is worth it…trust me…at 32 and waiting for a transplant with three kids…life can change pretty quickly
We use his diagnosis now to educate others about the liver and liver health.

…even disregarding the liver for a moment-Dr Amen in one of his books did brain spect imaging and in his study revealed that alcohol in even small amounts is damaging to the brain…so there is another reason we are glad not to.

I think you may can still have fun going out. I know that can be a way to bond but sometimes it just isn’t an option. …but it’s a great excuse to order a desert!

wish you the best!

Don’t kill yourself to fit in. If you go to these social gatherings, do not drink alcohol.

I’m sure there there are groups of folks who are into the same things you are.

Remember that your health is more important than fitting in.

As someone who also was diagnosed at the age of 11, I completely know what you are going through. I followed the rules until I was about 20. Now at almost 28, after getting into huge trouble with my team and taken off the list, I am having to work extra hard to show them that I am clean, sober and following all the rules above and beyond. I am required to test clean monthly, go to AA twice a week, go to Counceling and that is just some of it in order to get listed again. Needless to say, it wasn’t worth it for me.

Does anyone know if near beer (no alcohol) is allowed or if it causes any problems with the liver?

Non-alcoholic beer still has a very small amount of alcohol in it. I would not tempt fate.

I’ve personally been told by my Drs to not use ANYTHING with alcohol in it, even if it has a small amount. That includes non-alcoholic beer, some cough syrups, mouth wash, etc. God forbid something happens and you test positive for alcohol…you will be in huge trouble. It happened to me and it’s nothing you want to put yourself through.

Don’t do it. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol is not recommended and has been proven to exacerbate your medical issues from PSC and/or related symptoms. It may feel good in the short term but you will regret afterwards and in the long run. I had one of my doctors even recommend I not cook with alcohol. PSC is not a disease to play cat-n-mouse with – people get infections and die from this hideous disease (as I’m sure you are aware).

Good luck and it’s always better to be the sober one (especially the day after).