Another Year, Another Colonoscopy - 2014 Results

Just like Spring and Summer come each year, so does my annual Colonoscopy. I really hate that lime drink in the big jug more than the procedure itself!

So the good news is that my Colon (diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis over 20 years ago) is still in total remission. Specific findings were: No significant histopathologic abnormality, no evidence of active Colitis and no evidence of Dysplasia or Malignancy in any of the A-H areas they tested.

I also just got back my results for the PSC. Not quite as good of news, but still positive. All my tests fell within normal levels with the exception of my ALK Phosphatase (standard range is 37 - 117 U/L), where I was at 272. And my ALT (standard range is 0-36 U/L) which was 43.

Really good news on the ALK Phosphatase which actually dropped 75 points from 347 four months ago to the 272, which is actually my lowest reading since before 2009 when I was at 360! Major improvement using two 300 MG Capsules of URSODIOL twice a day.

Bilirubin has also dropped almost in half from 0.7 to 0.4.

So good results. Really hoping that much like the Ulcerative Colitis, this PSC is something that having a positive mindset and being proactive treating will lead to a full remission.


Hi Stephen, glad to hear the good news...keep up the good work !!!...DaveCJ

Great numbers! Happy for you. I found this article below in my inbox not too long ago.

Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy: Maximizing Efficacy, Minimizing Risk

Great numbers!!!!!!!!!!! Happy for you. I too had a colonoscopy in May. Results were stable and all looks good so far. The test itself was tough, I sure do pray they could come up with a better test than that!!! Have a wonderful day and stay positive