Bile ducts bioengineering

Anybody heard about bioengineered bile ducts ?
I have found an article from 2017 describing potential methods and test procedures on animals showing promising results and was wondering if this research is continued?


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Never heard of it, but I wish that line of research much success.

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I saw last trials made on Cambridge University i April 2018 made on pigs and it was succesful. I cannot find anything more but hope that it’s still continued.

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I read about this in 2019 - but I too have not heard anything more.

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Thank you for replies and sharing link. This sounds like program is ongoing and technic is already proven. Looks very promising.

Hi, found this link published February 2021: Scientists grow bile duct organoids to repair damaged human livers - Tech Explorist

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Thanks for link. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed as it seems to be feasible on human organs too.

Hello, I have contacted team leader of research responsinle for this new technology asking what is predicted timeline for implementation and here is what he replied:

Thank you for your email and for sharing your story. We are working in a very focused manner on developing new and improved therapies for cholangiopathies. We are making excellent progress, and we have shown that we can in principle repair human livers. However, we anticipate it is likely be another 3-5 years before we are in a position to conduct human clinical trials in which we will administer our cellular therapy to patients.

I am copying my colleagues and co-authors on our recent study. We do indeed wish to increase our connection with patient groups, including those you are a member of, and there may be an opportunity for us to benefit from your (and your group’s) insights and experiences to develop better therapies. We are grateful for your willingness to support our programme and will not hesitate to get in touch to explore in due course.

Hi, just to keep you updated about bile ducts organoids I was contacted by leader of development group and it is progressing now to another phase which will be clinical tests after positive results on animals.

That Is great News !

Yes! It will still take time of about 3 to 5 years to get it through but they are very confident and it would be great option for partial or complete exchange of bile ducts. They are focused on big bile ducts for the moment.

It sounds like science fiction, but I love this message. Please follow everything and let us know. Thank you very much for such nice information.

Good luck with it. I hope everything works out wonderfully.


Thanks and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Cambridge team as well. I don’t know if I will be able to use it as my liver started to deteriorate so I might personally need transplant before it will be ready to use but maybe it will help others.
By the way I gave them link to our group as they are looking to get in touch with patients that would help them in development. Their philosophy is to be in close contact and consult some aspects of their work with patients to make it in connection with patients.
I hope that’s ok but if not please let me know and I will communicate it to Cambridge team.

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