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Can we smoke weed?

Hello, I am Max and I have been suffering from UC and PSC since a few years (currently 18 years). I was told at young age that I will never be able to drink any alcohol which I accepted but now that I was in Lisboa for a week doing (alcohol-free) party with friends I came to the idea of maybe trying weed oneday, because why not? I already read the whole UC subreddit and I can safely conclude that 90 % of UC patients smoke weed to help get rid of abdomen pain or nausea. Now I don’t know if weed also checks out with the liver. Of course I already asked my doc (waiting for a response) but in the meantime I thought of posting a thread here just for the sake of it. Does the CBD or THC degrade the liver cells as much as alcohol (a toxin) does? For reference, I currently have no restrains on eating anything greasy (like a big cheeseburger or an entire bag of tortilla chips) as I am quite underweight. Another thing I thought would be beneficial when smoking cannabis would be the “weed hunger” which I know (from a friend) makes you extemely hungry which would be good for me as I can’t really eat enough at the moment (docs order). What do you guys think? Do any of you smoke weed? How is your experience with it?

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I’m not a big fan of inhaling smoke of any kind for possible lung damage. I’m in Canada so, I was able to get 20% THC oil in the form of a mist spray that I can put on any food. I haven’t had negative side affects and don’t have a “hangover” that you’d get from alcohol. It’s helped with appetite and sleep which is the main reason I tried it. I’ve tried Melatonin but, get a headache the next day. I’ve been prescribed Lorazepam to help with sleep but, I’m in a fog the next day. Hope this helps.

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I got diagnosed at 16 and after high school I smoked weed for a little bit mainly because I was young and stupid. I know it took my mind off of my UC and I could go enjoy myself without worry. I grew up and got a real job and had to stop. I have no clue if it had any negative effects on me as I was just a social smoker and didn’t do it for long. I can’t say no because I did the same xxxx at your age. Do I think it’s a good idea? No but that’s the 36 year old in me. I saw go enjoy yourself just in moderation. You only live once I say. I did lots of dumb stuff and if I had to change any of it to keep me out of the situation I am I’d do it all the same again and again and again. Life is all about those few fleeting moments of whatever makes you happy at that time. Yeah sure I could have been reserve and not smoked and never drank but I’d also prolly not be the person I am today from those life experiences and I don’t mean just the drinking and smoking. Wanna smoke a little pot? At 18? Knock yourself out bro. I would be taken off the list if I did any drugs or else I’d be smoking a little pot here and there just to take the edge off of the reality I am facing daily right now. Best of luck to you.

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My reply is a bit different. If things are going well for you, I wouldn’t add weed to the mix. I have PSC (since 1998) and the first suggestion I have is to always choose what is best for your body. Pretend you are trying to keep Henry VIII alive and he will be very upset with you if you fail. You are the king and make sure you treat yourself like a king. Don’t eat fast food ever. Don’t eat highly greasy foods, nor food with too much salt. You don’t have the luxury of making all sorts of mistakes. I think you need to get on the healthy bus and leave the weed for the dodo birds.