Can you recommend a doctor in NYC area?

Hi Everyone,

Can you recommend a hepatologist willing to prescribe vanco in NYC area? I saw some similar topics posted here but they were fairly old. I appreciate your response.



Dr. Brett Fortune at Weill Cornell prescribes!

I go to Mount Sinai and it seems the docs there are not on board with prescribing vanco. Of course they all have different opinions but this might save you some time!
I see Dr. Agarwal and last I checked she didn’t not feel the drug was appropriate.

He’s the best. Taking care of my son, prescribed Vanco.

I’m at Sinai as well. My hepatologist won’t prescribe Vanco, but would be supportive of taking it in controlled Clinical trial environment if I wanted to explore it more.
I’m new to PSC, symptom free with LFTS two times normal so we’re giving Urso a shot first.

Highly, highly recommend Dr. Brett Fortune at Weill Cornell in NYC. Can’t rave enough. Prescribes vanco.