Change in LFTs after colonoscopy?

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My daughter (PSC and UC) has been on Vanco for the past 4 1/2 years with normalization of the LFTs, Fibroscan score, significantly improved MRCP results and no clinical symptoms of UC.
She did have a colonoscopy in 2013 when her UC was first diagnosed. Since then, no other colonoscopy was done.
She is scheduled for one in the New Year, 3rd of January. I was just wondering if anyone who was on Vanco and had a colonoscopy noticed any change (or increase) in LFTs or any change in the UC symptoms after the procedure.

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My daughter has UC + PSC. Treated with Vanco for 7 years now. No noticeable negative impact of annual colonoscopies that we’re noticed. Good luck!

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Thank you very much indeed for your reply. Really appreciated it.
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I’ve only had one colonoscopy while on treatment and there were no changes on the liver side (no IBD). I didn’t find any mention of colonoscopies causing problems with treatment in other groups. Many PSCers and vanco users have IBD with periodic colonoscopies so I’d imagine we’d see comments about this if it was an issue.

Here’s a study: It looks like many of the same bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae, Strep) that thrive with vanco are also able to take advantage after a bowel cleanse. One notable difference is the decrease in Lactobacillaceae, good bacteria that tend to thrive with vanco. I’m speculating, but I imagine the biggest changes are in the colon that is usually more of an anaerobic environment. The small intestine is likely less affected.

jtb, thanks very much for the info, really helpful.

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Vanco has kept my daughter’s psc/uc non-existent for over 6 years now. All damage to liver and colon reversed, except some micro inflammation in her colon. Now working with ExiGi Pharma on treatment with their medical grade probiotic, Visbiome.

Thanks very much for sharing this. Really helps.

Best wishes. Daniela