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I’m itching terribly. I was prescribed cholestyramine. It tastes so nasty I can’t swallow it. I was told that there’s a pill form called cholestipol.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Is it as effective? Side effects? Etc

Thank you


Same here. It is nasty stuff. An alternative would be great to have.


I mix the powder with orange juice and stir it in, do not shake it to mix, it’s tolerable, I’ve had worse.


Has anyone ever heard of cholestipol?


I mix orange or cranberry juice and mix it in w a small hand blender. That makes it foamy and more pleasant to drink. Also mixing w a combonation of juice and seltzer makes it better.


I mix It with orange pedialyte and water 1oz to 3 oz of water, and drink fast, then drink water behind it, and rinse mouth out
Effective to drink just before eating to bind fat. Hydration, walk for circulation, and avoiding animal fat, will help limit bile salts building that cause the itching. Few days to feel better depending on what’s blocking bile drainage, your diet, and overall health.


Cholestyramine goes down easier if you put about an ounce of cold water, then add Cholestyramine powder, then add about two ounces of cold citrus Gatorade. You cannot escape the grittiness, but it will swallow easier.


What about mixing with apple sauce? Would that help with the grittiness if swallowed fairly quickly?


Thanks for all your responses. I was really just wondering if anyone has tried the pill form cholestipol. I guess not. I’m going to ask the doctor. I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights I’ve been so itchy. I absolutely cannot swallow the powder. But I’ll see how this pill works.


My daughter takes Cholestogel, We are in Ireland so I think it's actually the same drug but with a different label. It is in pill form (quite large pills) and she finds that it helps with the itching as when she stops taking it, the itching becomes fierce. As for side-effects, she found that her hair was thinning and is convinced the Cholestogel is the cause however she continues to take it.


I hope you are mixing it in water before trying to swallow it.