Clean MRCP~

Sorry for posting a ton. I’m just so confused atm. They really don’t explain much to me, which makes things so much more confusing. I was told I had Positive AMA before with elevated IGG. As a result, they’re looking for LKM antibodies (I think??) I literally just got my results from the MRCP, got told my liver was fine on the scan. My abdomen still hurts and I’m still itchy.

Are they looking for PBC? If so, why are they retaking making me redo my AMA test? I’m sorry for asking all y’all. It’s all confusing. I thought AMA positive is straight up PBC. If so, why are they retaking the AMA test and giving me a LKM test?

Dear Auto…,
Sorry you are having all this happening without detailed explanations. I would encourage you to ask your hepatologist directly to explain each and every point you mention. Have you ever had an ERCP? Although the MRCP came back clear you could still have strictures that are hidden from the MRI. Did they do your MRCP with and without contrast? The contrast is really important in getting the best images of the ducts. If the pain and itching continues I’d ask about consideration for ERCP. How are your bilirubin levels?
I trust you will have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


I didn’t have an ERCP, but I did have a MRCP with contrast.

Happy thanksgiving!!!

Hi Dear as Mark said you need an ERCP done for sure to rule out PSC. I feel like you are where I was three weeks ago. Please relax and be patient. When it comes down to autoimmune disorders it takes much longer time for diagnosis. I learned that myself through crying myself into sleep eveynight,getting depressed and losing control. I learned none of this will help me and I have no control over it, and I’m making myself mentally and physically weaker. Don’t lose your faith find a good hepatologist that works closely with GI doctor and do all the necessary tests. I’m sorry about itching I go through itching as well and still going through different tests myself. This is a great forum to let your stress out ; we can underdstand your frustration .

I’m sorry you are having to deal with this stress. Big hugs,