Clinical Trial

Was anyone on here a member of this trial or know anything further about it?


Yes. This forum has dozens of threads about clinical trials and norudca in particular.
It is promising and phase III trial may start one day.

Thanks Ted…I’ll browse what’s out there.

As a disease newbie, I have a pretty basic question…what would be stopping a study that made it past stage 2, not move into stage 3?

Phase III is expensive, and sponsor (pharma company) may need to get funding. It may cost tens of millions altogether.
Phase III also needs good design (e.g. surrogate endpoints) that it can clearly show the positive effects. This is difficult and probably requires lots of discussions with FDA.

In general, companies are reluctant throwing in tens of millions for projects in which success is uncertain. But I’m optimistic and hope this will get started next year…

Learn something new everyday…thanks Ted…appreciate the info.

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