Coffee and being a Mormon

I’ve been looking a lot into the research on coffee benefits with PSC. I’m struggling with the choice of drinking coffee as I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and part of our “health creed” is not drinking coffee. Is anyone out there a member of the same church and what are your thoughts if you are?

I feel like I’m already doing the basics - I already don’t eat much meat. I exercise regularly. I’m at a normal weight. I say this as I’m not looking for a quick, easy fix. I’m not the lazy person, overweight, eating a bag of chips while drinking a cup of coffee hoping it fixes everything.

Thank you for any help with this discussion!

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Hi Eldermen.,

Yes i have a few comments on drinking coffee that may assist you.

I am also with PSC and ulcerative colitis. I have read in many gut health books and journals about coffee being very acidic which is bad for the body and general well being. It is also very dehydrating which for PSC’ers and UC patients we should be cautious with as keeping our organs hydrated and keeping everything flowing is very important to us.

I however also need a stimulation in the mornings and i have found a natural caffeine source called Guarana Powder, it has 220 mg of caffeine per 1g serving (so a little stronger than your average coffee), i need 1 - 2 teaspoons in the morning, i add it to some crystal light and water with ice or i just throw it in a blueberry smoothie with some powdered probiotics for super duper health.

I love this in the morning because its refreshing and light, very quick and i am getting a super natural source of caffeine without dealing with the acidic nature of coffee. You can buy the Guarana Powder from Amazon for less than $10 and a tub lasts me 3 -4 months so its alot more cost effective than your starbucks.

If you prefer a hot drink then a pumpkin spice hot chocolate (on treat days) or a peppermint tea with added guarana powder also does the trick.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Kind regards


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Thank you for your reply! I love the idea of something like this for a more natural caffeine, especially with the affordability and how easy it is to take.

I’ve read that coffee has so many properties that caffeine is part of the health benefit and maybe even most of it. I wonder if we lose any benefits by not having the mixture of them all. Maybe guarana would be even more beneficial with its antioxidants.

I agree that staying hydrated is huge for us and coffee is not hydration. Thanks for that reminder.
I’m definitely going to give guarana a try.

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I listened to a talk on youtube by Dr. Jennifer Lai, who is a nutritionist and a physician working in liver transplants at the University of California. She mentioned the benefits of coffee for PSC sufferers. I’ve never drunk coffee (now 68) so reached out to her via email. Her response was roughly “if you don’t drink coffee, there’s no overwhelming reason to start. If you do, drop the cream and sugar.”

The research I read didn’t pinpoint caffeine as the source of the benefit, I think that isn’t clear yet.

Just some further info for you to consider.




Thank you for that further insight! It was this talk that spurred my interest in the research. Much appreciated!

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