Coffee and PSC

Good morning all coffee drinkers! I think i will be going out and buying myself a nice coffee machine as well. I have just come back from seeing my specialist. I asked about drinking coffee and if it has any benefit on the liver. In sort their answer was yes. My specialist said this with a massive smile on her face which for me is very reasuring. The coffee has to be propper Italian coffee and not milky frothy lattes. Strong black coffees all round then :slight_smile:

There are some new research results:

“Drinking at least 200 mL coffee a day may stave off the advancement of alcoholic liver disease and some cases of primary sclerosing cholangitis in patients with end-stage liver disease awaiting liver transplant, according to recent published findings. In addition, coffee consumption may increase survival post-transplant.”{037eb7e7-fd63-4a9f-902d-179616b23cc5}/coffee-delays-liver-disease-progression-extends-survival-post-lt

I’m writing this while drinking my 4th cup of coffee today…I started coffee drinking after diagnosed…

Ted, thank you so much for the information. I became a coffee drinker two years ago, which was four years after my PSC diagnosis. I have firmly believed that it has definitely helped me…Very nice to receive this verification…good luck to all as we continue to fight this horrendous disease…Dave Szugaj

As an avid coffee drinker and newly diagnosed with psc. This is the best news I have gotten in a long time. .Thanks!

I actually did some research work with coffee, sort of - adenosine receptors. Coffee has been demonstrated to be beneficial in preventing liver and colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Unfortunately, I’m a super-heavy daily coffee drinker (I used to drink a cup of coffee before I go to bed), but I have PSC. I do have some theories about that discrepancy, but have no resource to test them.

Been drinking for coffee for years too! Maybe it will slow progression. Got to enjoy that coffee!!

Hello to all coffee drinkers and soon to be coffee drinkers. I was diagnosed with PSC in 2010. I was not a coffee drinker but started after reading information about coffee and liver health…With fingers crossed, i have been doing very well for the last 3 years drinking my 3 cups of coffee a day along with 300 mg of Ursodiol twice a day…I have had a few minor flareups which were taken care of with 500mg of Cipro twice a day for 5 days…I feel that exercise, taking your medication, eating healthy and plenty of rest is very important in fighting this disease. You must keep in mind that it progresses very differently in each person, so we’re not all going to need a liver transplant…Try to keep yourself as healthy as possible to enable you to live a normal happy life as much as you possibly can…Always have positive thoughts that we’re going to beat this disease…good luck to everyone…Dave CJ


Dr. Isaacs (former partner of Dr. Gonzalez & follower of Dr. Kelley’s - early success of nutrition based practice to extend life/health with case study support available online for a variety of conditions) in some cases prescribes coffee enemas for patients with liver complications, it’s noted in a journal article that in a healthy person it can release bile & dialate the bile ducts. I’ll be researching/reaching out to her to learn if she’s treated patients with PSC. I’ll be happy to share our appointment results if it’s of any interest.

Perhaps coffee might be beneficial from the other end!


Coffee inhibits Vap-1 apparently see the first link on liver disease and VAP-1 and there’s currently a study on-going at Birmingham University into Coffee and the impact on Vap-1 in healthy people! Second link

Interestingly Vap-1 is also targeted by Vedolizumab which is currently in trials for PSC.

I’m not not medical but I do enjoying researching albeit I research so much I scare myself!!!

Drinking coffee is supposedly more effective than taking it any other way!

P.S. De-cafe doesn’t work

Hi Julian, thanks for the coffee information. I have been drinking 3 cups of coffee a day for 3 years. I do feel that it helps my PSC…even though my endo and liver specialist frown on this… Along with urso, I will continue to drink coffee until something better is approved…