Coffee Consumption

I’ve read articles on coffee consumption and correlation to liver cancer and they all recommend 3-4 cups of coffee a day. I love the smell, taste, and meditative morning routine of coffee but I’m sensitive to caffeine and the effects hit fast and hard so I usually have a small amount with breakfast to try and avoid that. I don’t think it’s physically possible for me to have more than one cup of coffee a day without being a strung out mess.

Is there any research out there on how beneficial one cup a day can be towards liver health or is three the minimum amount to receive any benefits? If anyone has any research, books, or articles they know of I would love a link to read if possible!

Thank you!

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Does non-caffeine coffee offer the same benefits?

Oh my god jace, yes you’re right :man_facepalming: I don’t know why I didn’t think of researching decaf and antioxidants. Turns out you can get the same benefits as regular coffee plus less acidity than normal coffee so with the ver minimal 2-5mg per cup of decaf that might actually be a great thing to try! Thank you for the suggestion even though now I feel silly ha ha


I understand how you feel. Myself, I adore coffee!!! However about 3 years ago I developed an Unknown Reason for overactive bladder. I’m perfectly healthy but coffee is death to me now. It sucks as it’s such a bonus to us PSCer’s.
I still take my chances here and there, mostly because I love coffee. I’d be happy to go decaf but that matters not.
Like with all things we have triggers and coffee is just one of mine now. Talk about stealing even more joy from my life lol… crazy stuff!

For you, if you can tolerate small amounts throughout the day, go for it. I’ve tried this method too (I love it cold also) but to no avail for less symptoms in the end.
Otherwise, maybe that decaf is the way to go?

COFFEE kills your immune system.
It kills me. Tears up my stomach. Acid reflux.
Makes me mean, impatient and useless the whole day.