Coffee drinkers before PSC?

I have to admit after hearing about the coffee-effect I’ve upped my intake from 8oz to 20oz per day. But I love coffee, hot or cold. I see this as a can’t-lose situation.

I not understanding your email to me. What did I say that prompted strong text. Thank you.

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I was not a coffee drinker until my liver specialist mentioned it. Now I am a believer and drink 2-3 cups per day in the morning before 2 pm. It has reduced my sleep time from 9 hours down to 7.5 hours. I still fall asleep fast. I sleep well in less time.

So I highly recommend trying it. It makes you regular for cheap, not like those bran cereals and things. And this reduces transit time and thus potential for itchiness in me, which isn’t a huge issue, but yet occurs sometimes. I see no downside, other than perhaps if I drink too much of it without eating enough, a yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach.