Congratulations Eugene_Jr on Transplant!

We want to send congratulations to @Eugene_JR on his successful liver transplant Thursday. We are glad that things went well and wish you a speedy recovery. Very thankful for this gift of LIFE that you have received my friend! Let’s send him our best wishes as he now goes through the recovery process.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015
Roux-n-Y Revisions 2022


Congrats Eugene_Jr! Best wishes in your recovery.

Congratulations Eugene! Keep us posted

Congrats @Eugene_JR. I wish you all the best

Welcome to the club!. Good luck with your recovery-I hope it is quick and easy.

Congratulations :partying_face: life is so precious I wish you all the best in recovery and after

So happy for you!

Eugene Jr., now life begins anew. Live on with many healthy and active years in the future.
P Hain