Covid Vaccine and PSC Flareups

I was diagnosed with PSC about 11 years ago. Fortunately it seems to be slowly progressing. I just received my second Covid shot two weeks ago. A few days ago I had my first PSC flareup in over a year. Has anyone experienced any correlation between the Covid vaccines and PSC flareups?..Dave

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Hi, in a similar situation and had both Astra Zenaca jabs with zero side effects whatsoever.

My PSC has remained mild for 14 years with periodic flareups. Had both Moderna vaccines with no issues.

I’m sorry to read this- I had Pfizer 2 shots, no issues
Another buddy post transplant had Moderna 2 shots, no issues

What is a PSC Flare Up to you?
I hear flare up more in response to UC, Chrons, IBD/IBS

Hang in there :muscle:t6::blush:

Hello MzzP, thank you for your response…and for the good news about no correlation between the shots and flareups…I also had the 2 shot Moderna…To answer your question, a flareup to me is pain starting in the upper right stomach area, a general sense of fatigue and body aches…accompanied with fever and chills…When I feel this coming on I start with my stash of Cipro, 500mg twice a day…generally if I can keep the fever below 102 I avoid a hospital stay…so that’s the goal…usually after 5 days of Cipro, I’m back to “normal”…lol…take care…Dave

thank you…good to hear…Dave

thank you…nice to know…Dave