Curcumin drug

Hi guys, just googled information about trials and medicines, and came on that page.
Is anybody heared something about that?

Thanks for answers.
Have a good day.

I wanna try that but afraid of side effects…

I tried to get into the trial thru MayoClinic MN.
But I could not due to the fact I take an antibiotic daily for my Rosacea.
I went off - hoping - but paid hard.

I take Tumeric daily for my joints and I just upped my dose to what the study states. I realize it’s not the “prescription form” but I did my research and it certainly cannot hurt. Not sure if it has made a difference as my ALP is still high but lower - I do not give Tumeric the benefit at this point for the reduction in ALP.

Thanks for reply.
Are you taking tumeric in pills or it is pure powder?
Have a great day!

I take it in a vitamin / pill form -
Sorry for the long delay in answering :wink:

Still don’t know if it helps but it does seem to ease my joint pain. As an advocate/caregiver also - I also now know after transplant it is not recommended. Just FYI