Drug Study

I’m awaiting the medical facilities in my area to reopen fully to begin a drug study using Cilofexor, and I wanted to see if anyone in the group has used this before and how the results have been.



Hi Eric,

Cilofexor is the name that Gilead gave their experimental drug GS-9674. I have been involved in the study here in the Detroit area since 11/29/19.

Originally, I had a fair amount of itching when I first started taking the medication, which is a common side affect (go figure) but my body seems to have adjusted as I haven’t had that problem for a while.

The way it was explained to me, the drug is supposed to work by inhibiting bile production, thereby reducing damage to the liver over time. I did notice a slight drop in bilirubin when I first started taking it, but, due to coronavirus and shelter in place mandates in Michigan, I haven’t had any blood work drawn for several months now.

I think this is going to more of a see where you are in two years approach, regarding MRCP, liver biopsy, and lab results, before we’ll know for sure if it is really helping.

I started a thread regarding my experience so far, which I have linked below. I haven’t updated it lately, just because there hasn’t been anything to say :slight_smile:

Best of luck. I hope you are able to get started in the study soon. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.