Dry eyes

Does anyone have a problem with dry eyes associated with PSC? My husband is stage 3. He wears contacts. Has to use drops several times a day. Does anyone have any recommendations? He has already been to the eye doc. Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out to the group. I did a little research and I’m seeing dry eyes as a symptom in patients with PBC but not PSC, not to say that’s not possible as your husband is having them. PBC affects the small ducts of the liver. Is his PSC small duct or large duct? I did read where a condition called Sjogren’s syndrome can sometimes affect patients with PSC. Sjogren’s syndrome does cause dry eyes, dry mouth and some get rheumatoid arthritis. You might ask his hepatologist though if he needs to switch to glasses instead of contacts. There may be some sort of imbalance in his blood stream due to the liver disease that is affecting his eyes.
Has your husband been listed for transplant yet? What’s his current MELD score? Please let us know if we may help in the future. We are here to aid in any way we can.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015

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Thank you for your thoughts on this. He has PSC small duct. No transplant list yet. He is due to see his specialist again soon and I will have him talk to her about it. Thank you!

Yes my husband has dry eyes occasionally, we put eye drops in the refrigerator it is more soothing to the eyes.

Thank you! I’ll tell him that!