Fasting, COVID 19, Vaccination

Hi everyone,
I have some few questions that have been bothering me for a while. First of all I’d like to ask if any of you who takes Ursofalk does fasting or has gotten medical advise on this.
Secondly I’d like to know if some of you have already received the Covid vaccination and if that went well with you. Have you received any medical advise concerning PSC and COVID vaccinations.
Lastly I’d love to know if PSC patients are considered a risk group regarding COVID or not.
Thanks for your thoughts.

My son’s heptologist said he should receive the vaccine and gave us a letter stating he was in a high risk group

Hi, got you. Thanks alot.


I’m a healthcare worker and got the vaccine early on. I’ve had no problems at all other than a sore arm for a couple days after the second dose. That’s it though. I also have UC on top of PSC, just as an FYI

Great to know! Thanks.
Am also going to get the vaccine. I live in Germany and now also teachers are free to get the vaccine before it’s released for everyone.

Hi,in UK PSC is said to be high risk but I was not high priority.Anyway had the jab Astra Seneca absolutely no side effects .Friend with major heart probs - no effects. Go for it.

Thanks alot for your information.

My buddy had a transplant in November of 2018. He did the Moderna shot 1 without ANY issues beyond sore arm. Shot two in a week or so.

His team at University of Washington had him wait. He got the go ahead a couple weeks ago. They recommended ONLY the Pfizer or Moderna.

I’m not transplanted and got the Pfizer today - only way I could get it was by volunteering at a clinic. But with folks acting like Covid never happened in so many locals again, I was like, it’s time. Took me a few tries to get there, but now after shot 1, I feel pure “relief” to be honest.

Fingers crossed for us all as I’m not a flu shot (never get them) / vaccine girl and only have gotten other vaccines after diagnosis early 2018 as a precaution.

that’s quite informative, thanks a lot.
Currently in Germany they are vaccinating with Astraceneca. But I hope that as soon as the family docs get allowance to vaccinate (which will happen soon - in April), I shall try to engage my doc to give me either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.
I thank God who’s kept us this far.

Oddly enough, my doctor said absolutely no way for me to get the vaccine. I’m Ok with that but I live in a very rural area of Wisconsin in the US where we really have not had a lot of cases. I tend to be very chemically sensitive and he really doesn’t want to risk it.

I see…
This vaccination issue is quite confusing, especially when one doctor says this and another that. But as you said, it’s an individual thing, in your case the sensitivity to chemicals being a decisive factor.
Thanks for the info.

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Hi Lori

I work as an immunologist and COVID with its vaccines has taken up a lot of my time in the past year.

If you ever feel like actually getting the shot, may I suggest you ask for a different opinion.
I do not know your background, but the amount of people who cannot have the vaccine is ridiculously small.
All of the prior issues such as the vaccine being produced in an egg (causing allergy) or using weakened viruses (people with autoimmunity) are history with these vaccines.
Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have two major components - the mRNA and the lipid particles it is packed into. Plus some well-tolerable preservatives.

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For those of us further down the road. Or is it a new road?

Long story short - many immune-compromised people such as organ recipients and cancer patients do develop antibodies to COVID-19 after the third shot. Several centres are looking into it and the results appear to be supporting one another.