Fasting reduces liver fibrosis in a mouse model for chronic cholangiopathies

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Always researching…been researching ‘fasting’ recently and its ability to reset the immune system. Anyway found this study which I thought was interesting…


I have been researching on fasting also. Interesting article. Quite surprising the ancients created a routine in many cultures to include fasting as part of a routine. It also depends on how you fast i am very positive it will definitely give good results. Especially keeps you colon in check.

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I don’t know how many PSC patients have the luxury to go fasting, even for a very short period of time.

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This is a scientific podcast and you can skip to Autoimmune at approx 47 mins. You need to water fast for 3 days. Autophagy starts after 24 to 48 hours.

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Very interesting video. Dr Longo articulates really well on effects of diet. It’s quite amazing how he was able to interpret the body’s self repair mechanism. If we think of it our closet relative is the ape (matches almost 98% of DNA with human’s). Never heard of Apes getting diabetes. Then would it mean we feed ourselves into a state where disease propagates? Truly interesting science. I plan to read his book.

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Hi mike, how are you getting in with your fasting? I’ve been doing 16:8 at least once a week the odd 24hr and I have managed a 52 hour water fast. The 72 hours escapes my will power thus far. The fasting has transformed my UC and I’ve gone from urgent trips to the bath room to a more normal life. Not sure of the impact on my liver but, I’m still happy with the results.


I doubt dehydration is good for your liver. That’s based on my personal experience.

A water fast is when you just drink water i.e. no food.

I see. But I think that does depend on the stage of your disease. I’ll not be able to fast for more than 6 hrs if I stay awake.

I only started fasting after talking this through with my doctor. Anyone who is interested in the effects of fasting on the immune system should go online and do some research and obviously you should discuss this with your doctor first as suitability will depend on where you are at with your PSC.

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I don’t know that well about fasting. During the whole time I forgot why I wanted to reply to the original post in the first place. The idea of fasting reminded me the development of treatment for diarrhea or other GI symptoms. During old days fasting was quite commonly used to ‘rest’ or ‘reset’ GI tract. Then it was found that you were losing water and electrolytes during diarrhea. So either you keep eating or receive IV infusion. At the same time, it was also found fasting is detrimental to GI tract lining, including immune function. Then, it is recommend you need to keep feeding if you can. So it’s kind of interesting to see the similarities.

Very nice to see the effects. I used to do fasting before my transplant and I really never had colitis issues as a result. Never had to take meds. I received my transplant last year and am waiting for a year to complete as it’s important for my system to adjust. I started fasting really late in the game if only I knew about it earlier. All the best and take care😀

DHZ, tongue in cheek-could our loss of appetite be considered involuntary fasting?