Feeling Yuck!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question - I am having pain in my ruq that comes and goes with intensity - starts off small, then increases in pain. Is this something associated with a cholangitis attack? I feel fevered, although don’t have a fever, have a bad headache, and just feel so damn tired. The exhaustion has been at its max the last few weeks.



Hi Courtney,
What you describe could be associated with a cholangitis attack but you would likely have uncontrollable chills and fever. What you may be experiencing are signs of a blockage in your bile ducts. If this continues, I’d have your LFT’s checked which if bilirubin is elevated more than your new normal an ERCP may be in order. Good luck and let us know how things go for you.


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My :heart: to you. I know EXACTLY how that is. I think out of this month, I’ve had exactly two good days, the rest are just as you describe. Sucks. And I’m sorry for you. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks fcmmark & michrichwood. I’m going to keep any eye on my symptoms. I feel like this is my new norm!

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Unfortunately that is my baseline also and for me is not associated with any acute process. To be safe, I just make sure to allows take my temp when the pain gets worse, and go get frequent LFTs and ERCPs. This is just super cruddy and I’m sorry you are going through this. Let me know if they find anything acute or if this is just, like you said, the new normal.