First ERCP

Hey all,
I recently had my blood drawn for liver tests and tumor markers after my first meeting with my hepatologist…7 days ago I had a slight attack (low grade fever). I also had a colonoscopy in September that had a few polyps which aren’t cancerous, but a couple they will remove for precaution (UC since 2006).

Liver enzymes slightly elevated, ALK actually down 200 points, bilirubin at .7 but my CA 19-9 came in at 1222, up from 793 in July. I am a bit more inflamed at the moment than I was for my July test, so I kind of expected the levels to be higher.

I had a MRCP in September, and after review of my bile ducts by the radiologist, GI and the vascular surgeon, did not think it warranted an ERCP.

A little shaky going into it…I know that the CA19-9 can be triggered by a host of factors, and through all of my imaging (Ultrasound, CT w/Contrast/, MRCP and Liver Ultrasound) they had not seen anything to to raise an eyebrow yet…it is still a bit unsettling.

Has anyone had a scenario close to mine, and if so, how did it go, how did it turn out for you and what can I expect?

Thank you,