First post transplant issue

On Thursday, Oct. 6, I had my first post transplant problem (tx on June 2017).

I felt weak and dizzy, so I went home to sleep it off. I ended up with chills and a fever of 101.7.
I went to an Urgent Care and they said my BP was 60/58. So I went to the hospital across the street.

It turns out I was in septic shock with Ecoli. Evidently a bile duct had gotten infected. Again. Being a transplant patient at a non-tranplant hospital scared the crap out of them. My transplant hospital, Piedmont, had 70 patients in their ER with no beds to take them, so no transfer was possible.

I leaned something new-that an ERCP on a transplanted liver is not an option. I guess the normal route is disrupted. If something needed to be done, it would be a PCT, going in through the side, something this hospital would not touch-that would necessitate a transfer to Piedmont who had no rooms.

So lots of antibiotics. They were in touch with my Piedmont docs who were ok with my treatment plan.

I got kicked out on Sunday but what caused the Ecoli has yet to be determined. My Coordinator said that she would have my liver doc’s scheduling lady call to set that up. I should have labs drawn in the next week or two.

So methinks this saga will continue. But as this is the first real problem I have had in over 5 years, I can’t complain. Maybe a little, but I am grateful.


So sorry to hear you have been having difficulties. Over the past year, I have had 24 Percutaneous Trans-Hepatic Cholangiograms. For most of that time, I had a drainage tube out the side. Most of the times they went in they would upsize my tube dilating the bile ducts, etc. But I was in and out of the transplant hospital with high fevers and chills. It’s incredible what they can do using Interventional Radiology. I found it not as challenging to get over as the ERCP’s. They can get right in there right where the spot is and clear the blockages, etc. taking pictures as they go. My anastomosis where the bile duct joins the small bowel kept closing up so they kept upsizing the drainage tube hoping to get it to stay open. Finally had open surgery in May and they redid the anastomosis. They found a cyst growing right under it as hard as a tennis ball. Doing much better although I keep getting these persistent fevers. My last one about a month ago went in with 104.2 temp. Didn’t mean to ramble on in your post, but hopefully, they took care of your issue and you are good to go. Keep in touch.


Mark, thanks for letting me know about your experiences with the PTC. It was mentioned as a possible treatment to help find out the cause.

I had labs drawn today and had been told my liver doc’s coordinator would call, but she hasn’t yet. So I will call tomorrow.

Sorry you’re still having problems. That temp would scare the crap out of me. Do they have any idea what is causing that persistent fever?

Hello Mark and Jeff:
Thank you both for sharing. You both probably have the most experience and history on this board. Your experience and wisdom is so appreciated for those of us who are just a few years inti this journey. Thank you both also for all the hard work you have put into this board! It has helped myself and so many other people with this disease.
Please keep us posted and know that our hearts and prayers are with you.

All the best Jeff. Wishing all turns out well.

Thanks for the comment Mark R. It is our privilege to serve here on this forum. Having received the gift of life myself it has made me even more to want to help others struggling with this difficult disease. Wishing you and all here the very best.


Wow! I’m so sorry to hear you went through that! You are so brave!

I had a kidney infection and went into septic shock, that’s how they found out I have PSC as my liver functioning tests never resumed ‘normal’ levels. I remember withering in pain from the septic side of things and I genuinely thought it was the end.

But here we are still fighting, 5 years and no issues until now - congratulations and I hope they figure out the E Coli! Poor you - take care!

Thank you, Mark.
Very nice of you to say that.

Totally agree.