I was diagnosed with PSC 2013. I had mild symptoms, a little tired & itching, but not much more. In 2016 my bilirubin rose to 12+. I had an emergency ercp in november and had another in december. bilirubin improved slightly. On Jan 1st 2017 I started taking sunflower lecithin and have done so daily ever since. I had another ercp in february 2017 and was led to believe these (ercp),s would be necessary fairly frequently to relieve the strictures in my bile ducts. I have not had an ercp since then and my liver blood tests and mrcp,s have been normal with mild cirrhosis. I wondered if anyone else has used sunflower lecithin for PSC. I began taking SL after reading of a woman who suggested it to her husband who had PSC. She had used it to clear up breast ducts while breastfeeding. it,s difficult to tell if i am just in remission or what.
I am male 71 years old. I also take ursodiol and milk thistle.

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I do believe that was me!!! I am SO VERY THRILLED to read this♥️

God gave me a surprise baby right in the midst of my husband chris battling PSC. I read a science journal about how the structure of bile ducts are the same tissue/form as breast ducts. I got a blockage breastfeeding and applied the treatment I used to my husband and it Lessened our ercp and infections.

Thank you so much for sharing!

I hope you stay well for a long long time! You deserve the best… as do all the sweet people on here that share their journeys and hold one another up!

I just found this reply to my previous post in 2019
I should keep up with this website better. I hope your husband is still doing well and continues to improve. I still take sunflower lecithin daily. (4
years now) I take the NOW brand powder and
it should be mixed with a drink you prefer, and
use an electric mixer. It doesn’t dissolve well
just stirring with a spoon. any other info related
to this please let me know. Will try to stay up to date.