Going to Duke for my first appointment

Thursday I will be going to Duke for my first appointment with DR. Carl Berg. Dr. Hornbuckle who is my GI doctor here in Norfolk VA says that it is time that I go to Duke because my liver enzymes keep going up. Everything else looks great and normal but he has a few concerns. One good thing is that Duke is familiar with my family history since my father was also a patient there until 2013 with PSC as well. He lost his battle 3 days before I was told I had the same thing. My visit will be bitter sweet. I have no idea what this visit will be about or what will take place. I am just ready to get answers.

In spite of conventional wisdom, Dr's don't know everything - smart patients with access to the internet CAN KNOW EVERYTHING. As far as "things' go, PSC as a rare disease is not highly represented on such searches. But you will turn up an old drug called Vancomycin. You may well be well informed on it already. If not, troll the web for all you can find on it, and I would suggest you try to get it, based on my research and very successful personal experience- see Discussion section.

Hi, I just noticed this blog post from July. Dr. Berg is also my doctor at Duke since transplant. I had my transplant there in July. Everyone there is just so caring in every respect. I've had nothing but the best of experience there. I wish you well in your ongoing treatment. If you have any questions about Duke please feel free to ask. I've been going there since 2011 when first diagnosed.


PSC 2011 / Liver-Transplant 7-2015