Good news from a member

I was diagnosed 11 years ago. Last December I had for the first time in my life jaundice. My bilirubin was 11 (1 is normal). I went in for an ERCP and two weeks later another one. Since then my LFTs are coming down, and two weeks ago I had a meeting with my hepatologist in which he asked whether I brought my wife's blood tests by mistake. Everything is back to normal.

The other good news is that the rockets fired at Israel are either intercepted or fall in open areas.


Chaim - this is great news!! So glad to hear your LFTs are back to normal. Do you know why? Did they put a stent in during the ERCP?

We are praying for the safety of everyone in Israel!

Glad your numbers are so good.

Yes, a stent was placed and removed two weeks later.

Interesting that they removed the stent… When I had ERCPs before my liver transplant, my Dr. would leave the stent in my common bile duct for 4-6 months and then replace it at the next ERCP. Once again, I’m glad things are going well for you. May they just continue on this good path! Be safe ה׳ ישמר מכל רע

My husband just had a stent placed and had to have it removed 1 month later. It was by a different doctor because his usual was gone, but when we followed up with our regular doctor we were told the stent that was placed could only stay in 4-6weeks. He said the stents he usually places can stay in 2-3months because they can plug.

Awesome that your numbers went down so quickly! Hope all continues well.