High B12 levels

Hi all,
I’ve just had a blood test showing high B12 vitamin levels at 1015 pmol/L (normal range 170- 800). Has anyone else experienced this? It looks like its associated with liver disease or cancer.

I also have slightly higher than normal white blood cell count, platelets and neutrophils. My liver function tests are normal but I think this is because of Urso. A recent fibroscan shows stiffness in the liver but we don’t know what that means yet. I’m waiting for a MRCP and further tests as I’m now in New Zealand and had my first diagnosis in Kenya.

Any help on the B12 question appreciated while I wait for next steps with the Dr.



Emma, never heard of that.

Hi, no supplements.


Thanks DHZ! An interesting way to assess the results, and comforting. I’m going through a full re-diagnosis exercise that will take a couple of months and will post any relevant info here. This group has been super helpful and supportive.


Thanks, we will keep an eye on it. I was interested in the connection between high B12 and liver disease as I find out more about the state of my liver, and possibly other organs, in the next couple of months. I want to have as much information as possible as I go through the medical process. How do you know that stuff?