High platelet count

Hi, I just got my blood work done and my platelets are high at 550. Does anyone else have this issue and know how its related to PSC? Last month I was on urso 900mg per day and all test results were normal except GGT. We reduced my dosage to 600mg and my my LFTs are a little high. Now I have a high platelet count. Any advice or information would be appreciated.

Your platelet count is very high. I was looking back at my lab history over my PSC history and that is really high. I did do a quick search online and came up with this. You might better discuss with your hepatologist soon.

An increase in the WBC along with pain over the liver and fever may indicate cholangitis (infection in the bile ducts). The WBC is sometimes chronically elevated in PSC , especially when there is chronic cholangitis. … Platelets are increased when there is inflammation in PSC.Apr 30, 2011


Hi emmaphill,
My platelets have been high 500+ for over 10 years. I was seeing a hematologist for a long time prior to being diagnosed with PSC. She never seemed to be able to pinpoint why it was that my count was high. Once I was diagnosed with PSC, I went back and I told her about my diagnosis and she said,”That’s it!”.
The inflammation from my liver has caused my platelets to go into the 600 range at times. Now I know that the PSC has been at work for at least that length of time. My understanding is that they will drop and actually be considered low once the liver has cirrhosis, too. You still probably want to let your hepatologist know. :wink:

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Hi, Thanks Marlena and Mark. I’ll ask my Doctor what to do. I’ve noticed that my platelet count was high at 482 in July when I went into hospital and got the PSC diagnosis, before I started taking Urso. It was within the normal range after that. I’m under the care of a GP/GI in Kenya as I finalise arrangements to get back to New Zealand for a second opinion on my diagnosis and appropriate care. This forum is incredibly helpful in the meantime.

I had never considered platelets getting that high. The whole time I had psc, my concern was that my platelets were low. Post transplant, they are still low.

Hi Marlena, Your response sounds strangely positive as a high count seems to be preferable to a low count. If you don’t mind me asking, are you on any medication and how are the rest of your LFTs? I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but suspect we will increase the dosage of urso back from 600mg to 900mg and monitor again in a month. Will let you know if anything more radical is proposed.
Mark and Jeff, thanks again for your quick and helpful replies. I did a search on platelets before I started this new topic and mainly found discussions on low platelet counts.

No, I don’t mind…I take 900mg of ursodiol a day, and a baby aspirin for the high platelets. My LFTs have been normal since diagnoses 2 years ago, with the exception of my billirubin being high with the cholangitis attack that led to the diagnoses. Keep us posted!

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Hi, the doctor said not to worry about the platelet count but, as you said, that baby aspirin could be taken if necessary. I now notice that the platelet count was high before I was on urso so its not related. Am now on 600mg urso a day and no other drugs. Will see what happens next month. It was really helpful having your responses on the low and high platelet counts before I saw my doctor. Thanks so much!


You’re welcome and wishing you the best! :heart: