HRT affect PSC?

Hello I’m just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with taking hormone replacement therapy I started about a month ago (patches) as there meant to be best on the liver, I have been experiencing symptoms of Cholangitis for 2-3 days I’m just wondering if the two are connected? I have not had any symptoms with my PSC for just over two years so I am well overdue for a “Round” of acute Cholangitis as I used to get it every six months. Thanks :blush:

Take a look at this article I found. PSC is mentioned in it in relation to HRT. Hope this helps.

I have always been on hormone therapy with no problems. My patch is low .5, over the years I had higher levels, they reduced it over the years.


Thanks :blush:

Hey there,
I’ve been on HRT since 2014. I personally feel that when my PSC woke, diagnosed in 2018 due to elevated LFT’s and then confirmed schlerosing, it slammed me hard into menopause. I literally stopped making hormones. So I take and pay out of pocket for 100% natural compounded hormones.
Estradiol Cream / Topical
Progesterone - pill
Testosterone - sublingual

My life was hell until I got my hormones on board. I would refuse to go off them to be honest ;)… and since mine are natural, I don’t have the synthetic unnecessary crap they put in drugs going into my body… and that makes me waaaay more OK with it.
I’ve never had issues with my PSC due to it. Labs improved hugely so over the last 3 years as my PSC quieted.

Here’s a good article on hormone treatment and synthetic versus natural

Bioidentical vs. Synthetic Estrogen (

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I’m glad you found something that works. Thank for sharing.
By not being in the female persuasion, I don’t have the knowledge!

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