Hurricane Florence is Coming!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop a note to the group that I may be out of the loop for a few days after Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina. This is a very powerful storm that will bring flooding, damaging winds, wide-spread power outages, etc. We would appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers for the citizens of North and South Carolina especially in the path of this destructive storm. Thank you.


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Hang in there, Mark! my thoughts are with you and all of my friends our your way.

Thinking of you and sending prayers for safety your way!

Do you have sufficient meds stockpiled?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your note. Yes, I have plenty of meds. With all the ups and downs in dosage of Prograf and Myfortic these past few years I have several months worth of medicine on hand at least. Very thankful for that. I’ve got my generator up on the back covered porch full of gas with 20 more gallons close by to keep feeding this machine for several days. If worse comes to worse I have two vehicles and a riding lawn mower full of gasoline to siphon if necessary.
We’ve started getting wind gusts upwards to 27 mph but by morning and tomorrow that will change to much higher. We are looking at tropical storm force winds or higher potentially with upwards to 20" of rain in our area possible as well. This storm is bigger than North and South Carolina combined. Although the storm is down to a category 2 the wind field is so wide, the flooding potential is great with upwards to 3 million estimated to be without power before it’s over with.
Trusting the Lord to bring us through. Thanks for your note and the rest of you who have been so kind to send greetings.


Hi Mark,
I have my children, grandchildren and many friends who live out there in N.C. I will add you and the whole world to my prayer list.

Mark, you ok?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for asking. I am doing fine. Many in our state have suffered devastating and total loss of their property, and 11 lives have been lost so far. Some towns down east near the coast had flood waters over the buildings. Such a shame as many of these are historic cities.
As for me and my family, we are faring well compared with so many. Our power was out for 2-1/2 days with dew points in the high 70’s it was sticky and hot. I have a generator that will run just about everything in the house except the air conditioning. But we made it. The yard is very saturated and without wet boots you need not go out in it. Hopefully the power will stay on now and things will begin to settle back down to normal. In our town though I rode through Saturday afternoon and even the large Wal-Mart Supercenter was closed and that was something! I believe their power may have been out as well. Some roads are impassable so it’s hard to maneuver. They even shut down Interstate 95 through North Carolina from just a few miles north of us down a ways south due to flooding.
Over all though we have much to be thankful for. Thanks for everyone’s prayers. Please keep our state in your thoughts and prayer moving forward. There’s so much devastation. Take care everyone.


So relieved to hear this, Mark. Up here in Canada, we’ve been watching the news, though, and cringing when we see the terrible devastation this storm has wrought. The extent of the flooding is mind-boggling, and the family tragedies left in Florence’s wake are beyond imagining.

You and your neighbours are in my thoughts!


Thanks Seenie for your kind note. Yes, many have lost totally everything but their lives, and some have suffered the loss of that as well. I and my family have so much to be thankful for. North Carolina right now is pretty much shut down to through traffic. I’ve seen nothing like this in my life-time, I-95 the North-South cooridor between Maine and Florida is closed for the most-part except to local traffic in many areas due to flooding. I-40 from I-95 is closed entirely. The interstate is completely under water when you get to a certain point. Here’s a link for an example on I-40.
Thanks again everyone for your concern at this time.


Oh my, Mark, what an image. It made me shudder. I-95 is a route that we know quite well: it’s the road that we take to/from FL. Unbelievable that so much of something soooooo long, that goes through so many states and communities, should be closed. The cost of this, and the loss of life and livelihood, doesn’t bear thinking about.

So glad that you are OK, and that you are able to stay in touch.