I ingested parasites consequently giving me PSC

Hi, I’m Clipper and I am suffering with PSC. In June of 2013, I tasted something very bad on my food, but continued to swallow it, resulting in an instant attack of nausea. I was sick to my stomach that night, and then awoke every morning for the next two weeks feeling nauseous; oddly I only had it in the mornings. After two weeks I saw my doctor and explained what had happened; he pretty much ignored it, and called it unexplained nausea.

Over the next couple of years I saw different doctors who ran various tests, which always came back normal. I was sure I ingested bacteria but they said the stomach acid would have killed it. I was routinely given anti-nausea medicine, which did not help at all. I felt great other than the morning nausea, and I was back to school earning another degree which was pretty stressful because I’m no spring chicken.

I’ve always had an excellent digestive system, I use to say I had an iron stomach, and I’ve always had a healthy bowel system and still do I think. I was however drinking a lot of carbonated water, which I have since learned dehydrates the body if not drinking regular water as well. The liver requires hydration!

In 2015 I started drinking strong lemonade with the slightest bit of sugar, which eliminated the nausea for two months, but it came back for some reason. I kept drinking the lemon water but it no longer helped.

I grew tired if the doctors, who didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me and contacted a doctor who had been an MD for 17 years but switched to Homeopathy. She thought I had ingested bacteria that was living in my bowel. She put me on a no food diet to starve the bacteria. Three times a day I had to drink the most discusting concoction of vitamins; but I was not getting enough, only 700 calories a day, so my endocrine system crashed. I had lost 19 pounds in three weeks, and suddenly had high enzymes in my blood, and low thyroid. After testing they said I had pancreatitis. I went from serious hiker, athlete to nearly a dead stop, in just three weeks.

A month later I went in for another blood test and my liver enzymes were high. More tests were ordered and I was diagnosed with PSC, instead of pancreatitis.

I then found a doctor who found two parasites in my liver, one in my pancreas, one in my left temporal lobe, and one in my lymph node. I also had 8 different bacterias in my liver, and h-pylori in my stomach. I had essential eaten feces 3.5 years before, and the parasites have been eating my bile and chomping away at my bile ducts all this time.

I am free of h-pylori but I continue with a low dose of medicine to keep it from coming back. I’m free of most of the parasites but still have the two in my liver, and lymph node. The bacteria has been eliminated finally.

Paracites feed on hard metals so I have had chelation therapy six times. The tests showed a VERY high amount of lead, cadmium, and gadolinium; and high aluminum. I’m an artist and used lead paint in my early years, and cadmium red throughout my career, so I wasn’t surprised by the results. I was upset about finding the high amount of gadolinium because I had had the MRI 7 months before and there was still a high amount in my system.

That brings my story up to date. I’m having a hard time dealing with this diagnosis. I’ve not been able to gain the weight back that I lost, I only weigh 104 lbs. I take about 35 different medications, all natural, and it costs a fortune. But I become more sick without them.

I don’t know anyone else with this disease, so it’s a bit lonely. I see my hepotologist in two weeks to test my levels; they were coming down 6 months ago, so hopefully they are still going down or at least not risen.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with parasites? And has anyone else developed cracks in the tongue, and do they go away?

I hope this isn’t too boring. I’ve never been good at writing. Thank you for taking the time.


You are being conned, the naturopath is taking advantage of you. I am an M.D. who has PSC, please get treated by a legitimate doctor. Nothing you said has any basis in fact.

Dr. Bohannon

Thanks for your input. I’m going to stick with this for a while longer, at least until I get the hard metals out of my system. The lab work doesn’t lie. I am currently being treated by a Hepatologist, but all he does is monitor my condition. At least what I’m doing now has brought me back to where I can eat again. It will be interesting to see my labs the Hepatologist will do to see what changes have occurred.

I was hoping to hear from other people with parasitic infection. Western medicine doesn’t acknowledge it, I’m aware of that. Taking natural medicine is better than doing nothing but waiting to get so sick I need a liver transplant.

Clipper, with psc, there is not a lot that doctors can do but treat the symptoms when they arise. Until a transplant looms on the horizon.

That said, I agree that there are things modern medicine can’t explain or does not accept.

But the best thing you can do is to go to a hepatologist, which you have done.


Thanks Jeff.

Does anyone know if it’s a sign the liver is being damaged from the food we eat if the liver hurts after eating? Does everything we eat cause damage?

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I don’t think eating is affecting your liver. With PSC the worse it gets the more nauseated and less you want to eat, but that’s also the time when you really need to increase your protein intake and keep your weight up as best you can. Much muscle wasting can occur the sicker you get. It’s important to eat what you can rather than worrying so much about the kinds of foods that you eat. When PSC is at it’s worse you just have to eat what you can stand. I at times couldn’t stand the smells or tastes of regular foods but could eat a burger and fry at McDonalds. You have plenty of time to get on a better diet after transplant. But your liver is hurting not from eating.


Hi Clipper, I have heard a lot of PSC stories, but I must admit that yours is very unusual.I would suggest like the others have, that you continue to see your liver specialist and also a good gastro specialist who is also experienced with treating PSC…good luck…Dave

We would take the position here on this forum as moderators that although parasites may exist, we would not agree that they can cause PSC. In light of that we are closing this thread and ask that you please stick to known medical facts. We must be careful in pushing any opinion that is not medically sound and this one just pushes the limit too much. Thank you for your understanding.

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