Hello! I was wondering if post transplant anyone else has had issues with insomnia? I will many times stay up the entire night!

Also, I haven’t asked my doc yet so I thought I would check on here… Does anyone know if alcohol in moderation/socially is acceptable for our group

post transplant since PSC isn’t caused by alcohol?

You have been given a precious gift in a liver transplant. To go and drink alcohol after a transplant is playing with fire in my opinion. Yes, you had PSC but you do not know the effect of the alcohol on the liver before transplant even with PSC. Honestly, I believe that for someone to donate such a precious gift to you and lose their loved one in the process and for you to go out and consume alcohol no matter the quantity, it would be viewed by most transplant recipients as wrong, unethical and a slap in the face of that donor family. Ask your transplant team and see what they say…I can assure you they will not be happy. I mean no disrespect but this is a serious matter in the liver forums I am in whenever this topic comes up and is usually answered much more forcefully.


Ok thanks for your response. I realize that I have been given an amazing gift. My transplant team constantly tells me that I can now go and live a “normal” life. I was just wondering if this was included and I don’t think there is any harm in asking.

You didn’t answer my original question though about insomnia. If you have had a transplant did you have trouble with it?

Regarding insomnia for me that has not been a problem. Not sure. Perhaps some others will have some insight on this and respond as well. Take care.


Our transplant center has told us " NO way" to alcohol before or after. It was a very stern warning. They told us that was risking the organ. If they catch someone consuming they will take u off of the list.

As far as insomnia-my husband has had 5-6 day periods where he has severe insomnia. We use tryptophan 500mg twice a day. Take it consistently to stabilize hormones/seotonin ( u can use 1000 mg). It’s what’s in turkey. Natural no side effects. ( you CANNOT take if u r on an ssri)


Hi Laur32,
No alcohol, pre or post-transplant for me. My Hepatologist told me alcohol kills liver cells, period. Everyone drinking alcohol is killing liver cells. I have none to spare.

Insomnia. Yes, I experience it occasionally, but I do not know if it is related to my transplant or some other cause.