Inflamed throat - swollen glands/neck

Hello friends,

Just curious to ask if anyone has had episodes in having issues with swollen neck glands accompanied with inflamed throat that could easily look like strep? If so, is it related with psc? I’ve dealt with this issue for years now and with no solid information from my gp. My immune system definitely isn’t what it’s used to be. That being said, this issue will not go away even with pharmaceutical intervention as it did in the past. Any feed back or thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

No clue, steelhead. Possibly thyroid?

Hello, Steelhead.

I do remember my fiance having sore throats often. Until your post I never thought twice about it… Now nearly a year and a half post transplant, I can’t remember the last time he had any issue with his throat or glands. I bet it has a lot to do with the compromised immune system the two of you have/had.

As far as advice, I don’t have much. He would simply gargle warm water with salt. (Taking another medicine was not something he could do.)

Best of luck to you in your search for answers. Take care.

I would definitely contact your hepatologist if your PCP was not able to resolve it. The last thing you need with PSC is a bad infection. You don’t need any more damage to your body than you can help. Good luck.


Hi Jeff,

It possibly could be a thyroid issue. I have read a little about psc creating thyroid issues further down the road as it progresses. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi mark,

Thank you for your feedback. I live in Ontario, Canada. It’s awful difficult to see my liver specialist…I haven’t seen him in about 8 years. I usually see my gastrointologist once a year. Only other way to see him is to check myself into the emergency, then he’s called/paged. My gp won’t refer me to him unless things are critical. Welcome to Canadian health care! Lol

Hi Gloria,

Thank you for your feedback and sharing your experience. In my mind and knowing my body, I know it’s related to my liver. Over the past 11 years, I would experience small episodes of swollen glands in my neck that would inflame my throat. Going on 4 weeks and it seems to have decrease in pain, but then return. Still pretty inflamed tho…good thing for me is that I get to see my gp again in 2 weeks. Sarcasm. Thanks once again.


Hi Steelhead,
When I googled this question, your older post came up.
Wondering if anything was resolved?

I began noticing just this last weekend my nodes below my jaw hurt… like hurt and ache. My throat is sore, but not crazily so. I seem to hurt more in the morning.

I feel fine otherwise and am early stage PSC.
So curious how this resolved for you or not?

Thanks :slight_smile: