Interesting abstract about faecal calprotectin and PSC-IBD


I found THIS interesting abstract. It suggests that the cause of elevated faecal calprotectin might be damage to the bile ducts, rather than colon inflammation, for PSC-patients with IBD in remission. This doesn’t mean very much by its own, but it would be interesting to study faecal calprotectin before and after certain treatments, such as oral vancomycin, in patients with IBD in remission.

/ Andreas

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Thanks Andreas for your post and sharing this abstract. There’s so much we are still learning about all the side effects the come along with PSC and their associated illnesses like IBD and UC.



Speaking from our experience: my daughter (PSC+IBD) had normal faecal calprotectin with the standard treatment for PSC+IBD: Immunosuppressants, Sulfasalazine, Urso, however PSC was still ‘very active’ with a Fibroscan score of 19.5kPa (high degree of fibrosis in her liver).
She also has normal faecal calprotectin while currently on Vanco, with a Fibroscan score of 6.4kPa (normal liver).


Hello Daniela!

I’m glad to hear that your daughter is doing great on vancomycin!

On another note, you should probably take that first Fibroscan score with a truckload of salt! Fibroscans are super unreliable and 19.5 kPa is an extremely bad score (you have cirrhosis when the score is >15 kPa). If she actually had such a bad score, she wouldn’t be responding to vancomycin! Fortunately, her “real” score probably was closer to the second Fibroscan score.

/ Andreas