Intermittent dull pain

Hi All,

Does any have some tips for alleviating the dull liver ache associated with PSC? I have a dull ache that comes and goes, while not painful, its simply annoying.

It feels as if someone is poking me in the side when it hits, it also seems to happen when I bend down to over to the side to do something.

I was hoping that this would go after starting the Urso treatment, which has been beneficial in significantly lowering my LFTs.

Could it be diet related? I eat well, predominantly the Mediterranean diet.



Hi Travis,

I too started having intermittent pain, I wouldn't call dull, but more of an ache. I was at my doctor's last week and he's ordered and ultrasound, which I'm having on Thursday and a HIDA scan which I'm having on Friday. He seemed to think it's gallbladder related and not related to my PSC. I'm hoping that's the case. I've been taking Urso for 10 years now, 1000 mg a day. He just increased my dosage to 1500 mg a day due to the itching. My MRI takes place in August to view my liver. My condition has remained unchanged since discovering I have PSC for the past 12 years.

I will let you know what my results say about the pain. May 19th is when I receive them .

Hello, Travis. My husband had the same discomforting symptom. There was never an answer for it though, we were lead to believe it was simply a side effect of a damaged liver... it is important to stay on top of your lab and imaging though. Hope you find comfort, mate. Take care. God bless.

Its my only symptom, it comes and goes like I said. No itching or jaundice, which will hopefully be a few years away yet.

I had a batch of bloods done recently and they showed signs of improvement with all LFT, this was after starting Urso.

The last lot of imaging was done in November last year and I've got another check up in a couple of months. I will ask the doctor more then, unless the pain gets worse of course.

This disease is stupid.

I have that sometimes also that I would call a twinge. I also have time that I would call my abdomen being uncomfortable. Just like knowing that something just isn't quite right.

Both come and go and neither get my attention sufficiently enough to get to an ER or my doc.

I would compare my pain on my right side to a mild to medium runners cramp. I will take ibuprofen sometimes and also lay on a heating pad. I'm honestly not sure if either one actually helps because the pain will come and go rather quickly. I have had it last minutes to days before. I do feel better knowing that it's seems fairly common with psc. I wish my doc would have told me that at my last visit when I was complaining about it.

Do any of you have a dull lower back pain? It seems to hit me almost daily lately especially when nauseated from the PSC condition. It certainly will drag one down. I'm thankful for my wife and daughter who know how to give me a good back rub to help the problem. Oh the aches and pains that come with this disease.

I will get lower back pain sometimes but not regularly. I think for me it is due to the fact I am not moving normal due to my side hurting And putting strain on my lower back??? But who knows.....

I have the same symptom and am convinced it is related to psc. I've had the symptom for the past few years and I haven't noticed any correlation to diet (I'm mostly gluten free now). I don't believe it's related to gall bladder as I've had mine removed and the same symptom continues (had the pain prior to removal as well), thus my belief it is a direct symptom of psc liver function. The only consolation is they are short lasting episodes, although it re occurs with inconsistent frequency. I meet with a specialist later this year, if I get an explanation I will repost. Best of luck going forward.

Ha! Another symptom of mine. It was persistent yesterday, went on for hours! It can’t be gallbladder related because mine is gone. Good to know others have this too!

I also have the same symptom. I sometimes use the word “pinchy” to describe the feeling. It seems to happen several times a day when it happens then it will go away for a while. I can often feel swollen in the upper right quadrant as I bend down to tie a shoe. Achy is more often the feeling. I’ve been told to use ice rather than heat to reduce inflammation. I do take a daily diuretic. I am aware that I have a few small gall stones and I had not been told I was jaundiced until recently. MRCP next month will hopefully help us determine a cause.

I have twinges daily, they seem to be worse when I am very tired. They aren’t too painful but they are sort of a dull ache. I would say that I get the twinges in my ruq 70% of the time, under my sternum 20% of the time (a bit sharper here) and on the left side about 10% of the time. I am diagnosed with small duct psc, my large ducts are clear as of 2 months ago when I had an mrcp, so these twinges must be to do with something that is going on in the small ducts. Personally I think it is the pain of the inflammation but my hepatologist says it is a ‘non-specific’ symptom and can’t give a satisfactory explanation for it.

When I got twinges, the comedian in me said, “Well, there goes another bile duct.”

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