Is eating eggs ok?

I was diagnosed with PSC five months ago. I am
on diet now: fruits, vegetables and whole grains mainly oats. I avoid fats except for olive oil. My triglycerides went down severely. I need some sorts of cholesterol. I wonder if eating eggs is ok for my case.

Eggs can be inflammatory in some people, so try adding them into your diet and see how you feel. Do your best to get eggs that are raised from happy healthy chickens as that definitely affects nutrient values.

I would also recommend trying coconut oil in addition to or even instead of olive oil. Coconut oil is 50-60% MCT, which is a type of fat that is easier to absorb. It requires little to no bile so your PSC won’t get as aggravated.

Here’s an article that talks about MCTs and their benefits. Super science based and backed by research.

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I read the article and was surprised that coconut oil is what really i need! Not only does contain valuable nutrition but also it does not overwork the bile ducts.
I am very grateful to you.
God bless you Jordanah!

That’s great! Glad it was so helpful.

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