Is this a breakthrough?

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This was posted on our Facebook group, just wondering if anyone has more info. Is this a breakthrough? Should we expect the “good news” soon?


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Very interesting reading! I hope they find a cure for autoimmune diseases!

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Thank you for sharing - It makes a lot of sense! And very exciting!

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I did an inquiry with one of my hepatologists on this subject. Although his reply was brief, I hope it will be of some value.

I think there is something here – the key is translating it into something actionable that helps patients. (Dr. Andrew Muir, Duke Medical Center)


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Thank you so much Mark, I believe your doctor is absolutely right, I am very hopeful. Talking to a friend who is a doctor (not a hepatologist though) was saying that it looks like when the first time antibiotics were discovered. It is opening of a new door…


Personally, I found the press reporting on this to be misleading as the study is fairly specific to lupus. An E. gallinarum vaccine probably isn’t the magic bullet for PSC or other autoimmune diseases, but the inflammatory gut landscape that allows for pathogen translocation as seen in these lupus mice is potentially very relevant for us. Of note, oral vancomycin was able to prevent E. gallinarum translocation and an autoimmune response in the lupus mice. This is interesting as E. gallinarum is both implicated in lupus autoimmunity and resistant to vancomycin. This suggests that the vanco is working indirectly, perhaps by making the gut less inflammatory and thus less leaky, preventing pathogen translocation and resulting autoimmune disease elsewhere in the body.

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