IV Vancomycin. Has Kabi been discontinued?

I’ve now spoken with three compounding pharmacies – as I am trying to find a way around spending $800.-- $1,200. a month out of pocket for Ani capsules. All three compounding pharmacies have told me IV Kabi is on long term back order from the manufacturer.

Is this the experience of others here?

What brand of IV Vanco are you having compounded and having success with, if not Kabi?

I am eager to begin Vancomycin but want to take only the manufactured brand which has the greatest chance of working for me.

Thanks so so much, sisters and brother dealing with PSC in yourselves or loved ones…


My son is taking Cutis Pharm’s Vanco, which the pharmacy Fed Ex’s to us pre-mixed in liquid form. For the short period of time he has been taking it, the results from labs have been great. We are paying $400/month with no insurance coverage.
Great pharmacy to work with in Bronx, NY and they have multiple locations.
Look them up: Cedra Pharmacy

Because I live in the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, up a long dirt driveway inaccessible in winter, UPS and Fed-x do not delivered to my house from December through March. A liquid therefore would be hard.I would have to have Cutis Pharm sent to a friend’s house, and even then I can’t always get out in winter. Thanks though Jace. If I end up having to do this, it’s good to have the name of a pharmacy I could work with.
Best of care
~ Susan