Jaundice clearing?

Hi all,

I had an ERCP and stents placed almost 3 weeks ago and was wondering how long it would take for jaundice symptoms to disappear(reduce)? Does anyone have experience with this?

My doctor said after my procedure that it should help, and I read online it could take 2-10 weeks to notice a difference depending on how high your bilirubin levels were pre procedure(mine were a 14). I reached out to the doc who performed the ERCP but haven’t heard back from him in a week(hence why I’m changing hospital systems once the stents are out).

Thanks for any and all insight!

Mine was rather fast after an ERCP, but I don’t think I recall the number of days.

Do you know what your bilirubin was at pre procedure?

On one occasion it was just over 5.

That makes sense.

I read stents reduce bili by 45-60%, so I was at 14 before my ERCP and best case now is around a 6 or so I’d guess, which is above the threshold where jaundice usually occurs.

Hi Ett513, I had my first stent on 11/6 after first experiencing jaundice. My jaundice resolved within a week after the stent was placed, and the itching stopped by two days after the stent. I think I was lucky in how quick that was and also lucky that the jaundice not too intense. My bilirubin was around 6 at the time of the procedure, and dropped down to 2.1 when tested on 11/19.

I think the timing for relief might depend on where the obstructions are. In my case, the obstruction is primarily in the common hepatic duct, so I just need one stent to open that area. But it sounds like you have more than one stent?

Definitely keep an eye out for any signs of ascending cholangitis. For me, I check my temperature twice a day, monitor my heart rate, and have antibiotics (Cipro and Flagyl) on standby.

Hi MBLand,

I appreciate the information on your procedure. I actually had 3 stents placed and my bilirubin was a 14 before the procedure. Symptoms have definitely improved, but they’re far from gone. I’m most upset my doctor didn’t order this procedure until now when my levels were at a 6 about a year ago.

My doctor’s nurse called today and said she thinks the jaundice should have resolved by now and is asking if I should have a blood test now to see where my levels are at currently. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.


With me I have had rapid reduction in bilirubin within a few days but as stated above do keep an eye out for infection. I did have a nasty sepsis after the last one with fever/chills etc. I had no idea what was going on!