Just diagnosed with cirrhosis

I am in Mayo Rochester, MN with my son and his wife. We were in town for the PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Conference anticipating good news. But, on Monday after the conference we had 4 appointments. Tuesday we received the news that my son’s liver is cirrotic. We have an ERCP Friday, but they don’t see a dominant stricture. We are deeply saddened, but we still have hope. 1 Peter 5:7 says, Cast all your burdens (anxiety) on him for he cares for you.


So sorry, but thank you for the spiritual reminder. It is good to remember that God loves us no matter what our physical condition. Plus, He can still use us! (Prov 3:5-6). :smile:

I met you and your son briefly at the PSC conference. Im the mom of the 16 y/o PSCer currently on vanco therapy (also a nurse like your son). I’m sorry you received this news. I could tell from the short encounter that you have a beautiful family and love each other deeply. There are many PSCer who do very well after liver transplantation. Im sure that he will thrive with the support he has from you and your family. Sending good energy your way!

I hate that another person and family has to deal with living with psc.

I’m sorry that you had to receive bad news. I found my strength through constant prayer and fellowship with Him. You will get through this! We’re all rooting for your son’s swift healing. Keep us posted. Biggest (virtual) hugs to you and your family.

Welcome back, Gloria.