Kale for itching

Hi everyone, my name’s Gabe Dehlendorf and I got diagnosed with PSC/AIH overlap and Crohn’s in October. I started itching in February and wanted people to know that kale has completely eliminated my itching. I’m not sure if the itching gets a lot worse or not, but I was constantly having a burning itching sensation in my hands and feet and sometimes it felt like insect were walking on my skin. I am 20 and the disease definitely started within the last year or two, in case that is relevant. I hope someone gets relief out of this info!


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Hi Gabe, thanks for the info and I’m glad it’s working out for you.

Are you using the kale in any special way, or simply eating it? How much abouts are you using?

Thanks again.


I really don’t eat that much. Every time I start to feel the distinct tingly itchy sensation in my feet, I eat maybe 3 or 4 handfuls of the leaves out of a very large $3 bag. That usually lasts me 2 days or so and when I eat more I can definitely have relief up to 3 or 4 days without any more kale. It is a lot more fun than stirring the cholestyramine powder all the time… I will say though that my symptoms are probably earlier on in the prognosis, so maybe it will be less effective as time goes on. I really hope it helps though! That itching can really test you

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Glad it works for you.