Left Side Stomach Pain

Good Morning Everyone,
Since yesterday Ive been feeling some general discomfort on my left side just couple of inches from my sternum. It began yesterday after eating and its just like a dull discomfort. However when I was driving home I got a sharp stabbing pain in the same area but it lasted but a couple seconds and was gone. Later in the day my lower back on my left side was hurting. The discomfort is there again today but no strong pain. Any ideas of what it is? when should I consider going to the doctor for it? Should I just wait it out?

I dont feel sick or anything.
Thanks In advance.

It could be a million different things. I’d recommend getting it checked out.

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I’m sorry you are having so much pain and with it being on your left side it could be a number of problems. I did a quick online search and found this article. Perhaps it might be of some help in your search for a solution. https://www.healthline.com/health/pain-in-lower-left-abdomen



Thank You, yes I reached out to my doctor about it.

Thank You

Vasni, have you seen the doc yet about this?

I sometimes have a very low grade pain occasionally on the left side in the area you describe. Seems it might be my spleen. When I have my 1 year check up next month, I will discuss it with my doc.

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I have not, mostly because it went away. I try to watch my salt intake it seems to affect it. I am going in July 9th for my very first fibroscan and I will ask about that. Hopefully everything comes out alright.

Thanks for asking.

I’m curious to know if your Dr’s said anything about it. My husband is having pain on his left side and hurts when he sleeps on that side and when he eats too much. We are assuming it’s his spleen, but will know more when he gets his MRCP.

My doctor told me to lower my sodium intake. I did and it worked. He said to make sure I do have my normal intake of sodium but to not go over that to avoid the spleen being inflamed. My pain has gone away since and only comes back when my sodium intake is too high.