Let the Itching Stop!


I am sorry you are experiencing such tremendous itching. I have found
a few things to be very helpful. I was diagnosed in 2009 with PSC and I
have used essential oils to help with any itching, along with plant
based digestive enzymes and a dietary adjustment. I required a stent
back in 2010 and was introduced to geranium and frankincense essential
oils. I have not needed another stent since. Essential oils are very
powerful so I started slow. Not all oils are created equal. I use
doTERRA oils because of their level of purity and I have seen the best
results with them. Another reputable company is Rocky Mountain Oils. I
placed one drop of fractionated coconut oil first over the liver area. I
was advised to begin with one drop of geranium and frankincense
topically over my liver area once a day. Once I saw how I responded I
increased it to two drops a day, one in the morning and one before bed. I
later introduced other oils that support healthy liver function such as
Rosemary. I then began using digestive enzymes to help break down my
food more effectively. I have found plant based enzymes to be most
effective. I then found that limiting dairy and beef helped helped me as
well. As always check with your doctor. Good luck and keep your head