LF Chicagoland Dr Recommendations

Hi all. My husband and I will be relocating from Arizona to Chicago within the next few months. Obviously we will have to change Drs and I’m hoping someone can give a few suggestions for some GI and/or Hepatologists in the Chicagoland area? We’ll be about an hour outside of downtown Chicago, but I don’t mind going downtown if the treatment is good.
I’m hoping to get a recommendation from someone who is happy with the treatment/care/attention they’ve received from their dr, as I’m pretty burnt out dealing with doctors that treat my husband like a number.

My second question is…does anyone know of a doctor around IL, it can be in a neighboring state, that would be willing to prescribe Vancomycin? I suppose I’m looking for someone who believes in it and also has done some research into it’s helpful effects, rather than someone just willing to prescribe it without any knowledge.

Thanks for the help- I look forward to any recommendations I can get. Have a great day everyone. :slight_smile:

I also am in the Chicagoland area and have been seeing Dr. Laura Kulik, MD at Northwestern Hospital, NM Hepatology in Chicago for my PSC for the past five years. I highly recommend Dr. Kulik and her staff. It’s certainly worth a try. Best wishes to you and your husband and welcome to Chicago!