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Liver transplant Gen Y Roux procedure


Hi All,
I got my liver transplant 4 weeks ago. The first month has been difficult as each week shows signs of improvement. Appetite is improving gradually. Has anyone had a gen y roux procedure done? I had this procedure done and somehow feel I am not able to eat my meals like before. Need to eat smaller meals else get very uncomfortable by the incision area and also seem to get gassy and bloated.Has anyone had this procedure done and what did you experience? My doctor says it will improve In a few months time?
Does this procedure involve a gastric bypass also and make your stomach smaller?



Congratulations on your transplant. Glad to know things have been improving. One thing that will really help you is to take 15-30 minutes each day and just do some walking. It helps with the scar tissue issues that form due to the surgery. That really made a difference to me.
I had the Roux-n-Y procedure at my transplant. Of course I’m sure they told you this is to reduce the possibility of recurrence of PSC keeping those new bile ducts away from the common bile duct is important. It will take time but all this will improve. Yes, it is a form of gastric bypass only in the sense they are rerouting part of your colon down to your live so the bile ducts can drain directly into them. They don’t block off part of your stomach to make it smaller though. Since my surgery I have taken one to two Gas-X type capsules each day as well as I take Protonix, a proton pump inhibitor once daily. These help a lot with the bloating feeling and any stomach acid issues.
Regarding pain at the incision area. This will definately take time to improve. I’ll be 3 years post-transplant on July 23rd and I still have issues with pain at times. Nothing that requires medication at all but I have noted especially when I’m singing in church, I just have to cross my hands and put firm pressure on my lower right abdomen or it will really get uncomfortable. It also occurs when lifting or unusual bending. All this is just a gentle reminder to us of what a gift we have received!
As I have told so many people and I’m sure you will agree. One day post-transplant is better than all the days before with liver disease. Things will get better, and we have so much to be thankful for. The gift of life is a wonderful thing that not many get like we did with our transplants. I want to encourage you to continue on the forum and contribute what you have learned through your experience with others that come on board here every day looking desperately for answers about this terrible disease called PSC. Take care and God bless.



Thanks Mark. I had milk issues before my transplant and gave up on dairy itself. Also removed gluten products as I had read many at times gluten is a big contributor to inflammation and many other digestive issues.
Are you able to eat dairy and gluten products after your transplant? What kind of a diet do you follow now?
I agree with you, it is a blessing to receive the gift of life and I am very grateful to the almighty for showing me this path.



I am able to eat dairy and gluten products just fine. I’m not much of a milk drinker any way but put some in my cereal every morning and love ice cream. There are times too much greasy food will put my stomach in a fit, but sometimes I think my system gets too overloaded with magnesium and I have to skip that for a day to get things back in balance. I still keep a bottle of imodium tablets at home and work and occassionally have to use that, but no where near as much as before transplant.
I really don’t have any restrictions at all. Of course being on Prednisone for a full year after transplant hurt me weight wise. It gave me a craving to eat I’ve never had before and I’ve gained 30 pounds since transplant. Working on trying to drop 10-15 of that back down.
I never have liked salads and such so am not much on too many vegetables. I can eat some carrots if they are roasted and green beans and a few other things. My wife does serve healthy meals, but I am bad for eating in town too with being on the road during the day in my job. Overall, doing very well and thankful every day. Was very glad to meet my donor family a couple of years ago. I’m planning to lay some flowers on the grave of my donor July 21st, which was the date of his death.
Take care!



Like Mark, I had that done as well. I have a pouch after having my large intestine removed in 2006, and life with it is not perfect.

So it is difficult for me to determine whether any diet issues are transplant related or pouch related. But I am completely ok with the procedure if it reduces the chance of psc recurring.